The Cutest Piece of Baby Clothing You Don't Have Yet

Jamie de Grasse

Posted on January 12 2015

Baby swing tops are the one piece of baby clothing that you might not have!

There's A LOT of cute baby clothes out there, and chances are that you've seen it all... bloomers, leggings, baby bow ties, fedoras, etc. You may have seen most of it, but you haven't seen this before!

Get a baby swing top for your next photo shoot.The fact is, you NEED the cutest baby stuff you can find. Your little one won't be your little one for long; pretty soon they'll be bratty teenagers that want nothing to do with you. Those baby pictures that feature the cutest baby clothes may be all you have left... just kidding. But seriously, why not get the cutest stuff possible right now?

They're called baby swing tops, and they can add a whole new level of cute to your baby outfits. Swing tops are sweet little tank tops that have open backs to display other cute items.

Baby Clothes for Summer Fun

Baby swing tops are more than just super cute pieces of baby clothing, they're also very functional. Babies get hot, especially when they're cooped up in strollers that don't have circulation or up against mommy or daddy in a baby carrier. 

The Perfect Accessory Display

Since baby swing tops are open in the back, you can easily see other items like baby leggings or ruffles. You probably spent quite a bit on those accessories, why not have an easy way to display them?

There you have it! A new piece of baby clothing that will make your little girl look awesome.

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